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In cases such as excessive thinness of lips, excessive deepening in the groove between the eyebrows or the lip-cheek groove, formation of skin deflation appearance due to atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue as a result of a trauma or surgical procedures, a beautiful appearance is aimed to be obtained by injecting filling (filler – fat injection) material into these regions. In recent years, thanks to the filler – fat injection, which has become increasingly popular, many operations for aesthetic and reconstructive purposes yield more effective results. Due to the fact that it is a relatively practical method, more and more people demand filler injection for an enhanced beauty.

The cheek area or the area around the eye globes of some people may be poor from fat tissue, due to the anatomical characteristics of the individual, regardless of any pathological cause. This often irritates the person and is an aesthetically unpleasant image.

In cases similar to those described above, the fat tissue obtained from the person himself/herself or commercially available fillers are used to fix this deficiency. The fat tissue taken from the person himself/herself is usually obtained from the belly region, where is rich in stem cells. The stem cell density of the fat can be increased through specific processes. Following such a process, the melting rate of the fat to be injected is lower.

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide (sugar) component found in living organisms. It is found in the dermis layer of human skin, gives the skin a beautiful appearance and fullness but the tissue density decreases with aging. In addition, it has many tasks such as assisting cell proliferation without providing articular surface lubricity. Hyaluronic acids utilized for aesthetic purposes should be preferred among bio-synthetically produced products. Allergic reactions to the products obtained from animals are quite high compared to biosynthetic products. Due to its water retention characteristics, quite successful results are achieved in obtaining plump lips.


Filler – fat injection application is very simple and the patient can return to work immediately after the application. It can be applied under local anaesthesia or without anaesthesia. Injection of hyaluronic acid is effective for an average of 6-12 months and then is required to be repeated. In the case of autologous fat injection, some fat remains intact and a gradually decreasing amount of fat is injected in subsequent applications.

Can a permanent filler be made?

The materials used in filler – fat injection applications such as silicone and goretex may have permanent characteristics but their use is quite limited due to the high allergic risk and irreversible effects.

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