What You Need to Know About The Ben Removal Process

I can be on everyone’s skin so the process of aborting me is considered by many of us. Some of these mems may be congenital, while others may appear spontaneously in later years. It causes complaints to become frequent, especially when the mems are in the face area.

Causes of Ben Formation

The mems that the person has depends on their genetic structure. Skin cancer is more likely to be seen on skin with more than a million me. In addition, exposure to the sun can cause the bens to multiply. Due to this reason, sunscreen cream must be applied before going out into the sun.

Can I Be Removed?

If you have me in your face area or at any point in your body, you can easily have it. Depending on the type of mems, surgical incises or radiofrequency method can be removed. By laser method, it can take longer than a session. The app has a duration of ten minutes in general. After the check, it is determined with which technique to take me. Mems may be removed due to the following reasons;

  • If there is a possibility of skin cancer,
  • If it bothers the person
  • If it has a structure that disrupts aestheticsI Don't Mind

When Can Mes Be Dangerous?

Mems with the possibility of skin cancer are different in color and size. The bens that darken in a short time, the mems whose boundaries are not pronounced, the types of me that are not symmetrical, the types of mes that are larger than 0.5 cm in diameter and develop rapidly, the upper surface of which is fluffy are among the risky group. When you see that you have this type of abnormal mene or me, you need to consult a skin doctor in no time.

Is Pain Felt in Ben Removal Application?

Since local anesthesia is applied to the person before the removal procedure, there is no need to feel any pain. Drug-type cream will be applied to the area before laser application.

Will I Leave a Trace After The Removal Process?

After the ben removal process, the trace may remain depending on the depth of the me and the technique used. If the depth of the gten is too much, it is recommended to perform the treatment at intervals of 6 or 8 weeks. In this way, there is no trace on the skin after the application to be done in the range of 2 to 3 sessions. While surgical application procedures are performed in one session, aesthetic stitching is performed in order to no trace after the application.

What Happens After The Application?

After the removal process, shells may form on the surface of the skin. There is no need to worry that this shell will fall off on its own in a week or two. The shell must be expected to fall off on its own. If I’m too big and deep, you may need stitches. At the end of 2 weeks, you will need to visit the doctor again in order to remove the stitches.



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