Vajina estetik ameliyatı

Vaginal aesthetic surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia in two different ways. During labiplasty aesthetics, saggy, wrinkled, irregular and wide-looking lip parts are removed and then the structure is corrected with stitches.

You also prefer to overcome this problem if there is a change of color in the region

it is a form of aesthetics that can be used. Labioplasty is basically an extremely simple and easy form of aesthetic operation.

Labioplasty Surgery

Labioplasty surgery is a type of genital aesthetics performed in order to give the inner lips a good aesthetic appearance. Labioplasty is known as the most sought-after type of operation among genital aesthetics. While this aesthetic operation causes the person to increase self-confidence, it is often preferred in terms of making it easier for them to feel much more comfortable with their partner and to wear tights or bikinis easily in a social environment.

Vaginal plastic surgery
Vaginal plastic surgery

How to Perform Labioplasty Surgery?

The expected conditions of the surgery are clarified by providing a meeting with the patient before the operation. Accordingly, every step of the operation is determined. The operation is generally performed with clitoral hudoplasty. On average, its duration varies between one and a half hours. It can be performed under many different anesthesia methods depending on the patient’s request or medical necessity. Labioplasty is an aesthetic operation application that will result in the preference of the physician and the patient. Since the seams under the skin and skin are aesthetically removed, there is no question of leaving permission after surgery in general. At the same time in this area, the healing of wounds develops rapidly.

Things to Consider After Genital Aesthetics

After this operation, you should pay attention to vaginal hygiene. It is advisable to shower no more than twice, especially in the first two weeks, and it is very important to keep the vaginal area dry. In the process immediately after the procedure, medications prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly. There is no problem in continuing daily work after labioplasty operation. However, it would make sense to avoid heavy-paced work in the first three days after genital aesthetic surgery. In this way, you can speed up the healing process and take a good step towards preventing this process from becoming laborious.


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