Abdominal sagging usually occurs after pregnancy or recurrent deliveries but can also be seen after rapid weight loss. In the abdominoplasty operation, the excess fat tissue, especially in the lower abdomen of the person, is removed together with the sagging skin and the abdomen is formed by tightening the abdominal muscles via stitches. This surgical intervention should not be seen as a weight loss method but should aim to improve body appearance.

Which of the liposuction or tummy tuck operations is more appropriate is determined by the evaluation of the skin quality of the patient. Liposuction generally provides an effective recovery in patients with good skin elasticity and without an excessive amount of skin to be removed.

Surgical removal of the skin region with stretch marks is still the most effective method known in the removal of stretch marks in the abdominal region.

Abdominoplasty usually takes around 3 hours. The procedures are performed with an incision, which will be hidden inside underwear or bikini. This scar becomes less visible over time and hardly visible in some people. The drain is used to remove blood from the abdomen following the operation and is taken out after 1-3 days.

It is recommended to spend the first night in the hospital after the operation. The use of the abdominal corset not only relieves the patient but also affects the operation result in a good way. Operation pains do not pose a significant problem thanks to effective pain relievers.

The most important complication of the operation, as in the operation of liposuction, is emboli formation. Emboli is the passage of ​​the fat particles formed in the operation area to the patient’s blood circulation and their movement to the lungs to cause respiratory distress. You should always tell your doctor about the presence of people with similar conditions in the family. After the operation, the use of appropriate medication and embolism preventive socks, early movement, and walking are quite effective in preventing this complication.

The specific risks associated with the surgical procedure of abdominoplasty include disorders such as deformity of the bellybutton, asymmetry, and bad scars.

Nearly all of the abdominoplasty operations provide significant patient satisfaction and it is one of the most satisfactory surgical procedures when the results are considered.

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