Tendons are muscles transformed into structures that we call beams before sticking to their termination points. Tendons are the structures that allow the arms, hands, and fingers to move, and they are characterized by loss of motion when they are cut. The incidences of tendon injuries are quite common in hand surgery clinics.

Evaluation of a patient with tendon injury through a detailed physical examination is important because nerve and vessel injuries may accompany tendon incisions. Tendon incisions should be repaired within the first 15 days. In prolonged periods, the tendon length shortens, making it difficult to sew the ends of the tendon together. In such cases, double-stage tendon repair is required. After the operation of the tendon injury, the hand is encased in a plaster splint, and following the active movement restriction according to the content of the injury, the physiotherapy process is started.

In tendon injuries, physiotherapy is an important process as much as the operation. In cases, where adequate physiotherapy is not performed after the operation, the tendons adhere to each other, causing movement restriction. In this case, the adherent tendons should be separated with a second tendon operation. In order to prevent this, physiotherapy should not be neglected.

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