By getting detailed information about silicone surgery prices 2021, many women decide to have breast augmentation surgery in the most appropriate way. The most accurate decisions are made after the researches about this surgery, which is an extremely important operation.

Silicone surgery prices for small breasts, which have become women’s biggest problems 2021, are among the subjects that have been researched a lot.

What is Silicone Surgery?

The aesthetic application preferred by women whose breasts are smaller than the desired rate to obtain a larger sky is called silicone surgery. These surgeries are much easier and more practical today with the development of technology. Fat injections, which have become much more popular recently, are also not a permanent method, although they are applied in breast augmentation procedures. However, silicone surgery is recommended by experts because it is permanent.

Reasons for Having Silicone Surgery?

In general, women’s small breasts are among their biggest problems and they are looking for solutions to the problem by applying different methods. There are reasons for having silicone surgery. These are

  • To think that growing breast sizes will give women more self-confidence,
  • Proportional chest structure is more effective in dress harmony,
  • To recover the dangling breasts after breastfeeding,
  • To eliminate sagging due to aging,
  • These tar surgeries are preferred for reasons such as supporting loose skin and ensure upper chest fullness.
Silicone Surgery Prices 2021

How to Perform Silicone Surgery?

General anesthesia is applied for the construction of silicone surgery. Silicone is inserted into the breast tissue by entering the incisions of 4 to 5 cm under the chest. Pre-operation interviews and examinations with the patient are carried out in detail. Factors such as anatomical structure and elasticity of the person are examined and these play a very important role in the decision to operate.

About Silicone Surgery Prices

In general, the prices of silicone surgery are different compared to the city, hospital or doctor who will perform the surgery. It is impossible to be very cheap in terms of before and after silicone surgery, which is very important in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, prices vary in all cases.


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