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The prominent ear can be described as the angle between the ear and the skull being wider than normal and the folds of the ear being obscure and poorly defined. Children with prominent ears are usually teased by their friends and this may cause a recurrent psychological trauma. It is therefore recommended that corrective prominent ear operation should be performed before starting school.

Prominent Ear Operation

Prominent ear operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia, while adult patients can be operated under local anaesthesia and sedation. The average operation duration is 1,5 hours.

Prominent ear operation starts with an incision to remove the skin from the back of the ear. Once the cartilage tissue is exposed, the ear is shaped with stitches and the angle between the ear and the base of the skull is adjusted. After this process, the operation is completed by the closure of the skin with dissolvable stitches. There is no need to remove stitches after the operation.

The first few days after the prominent ear operation, there is a feeling of pain, swelling, which regress over time. Use of a tennis bandage, continuously in the first two weeks and less frequently in the following two weeks, helps the shaping of the ear.

Risks of the Operation

Infection, wound dehiscence, numbness, scar tissue formation, allergic reactions, asymmetry, recurrence can be seen. Especially in order to prevent chondritis, which means cartilage inflammation, wound care should be given importance in the postoperative period and the medications prescribed by the doctor should be used properly.

Prominent ear operations are successful interventions, which increase the social communication and confidence of patients.

The main reason behind the most teenage girls requesting this operation is their desire for removing the obstacle of the bun hairstyle.

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