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  • ASSOC. DR. BURHANI ÖZALP aesthetic medicine center (PROF. DR. BURHANI ÖZALP) of the extension website (Site), the information of the owner and the content provider, the Republic of Turkey was established in accordance with law and the company maintained its presence , Terrace Fulya Center 2, Tesvikiye mah. Hakkı Yeten cad. No: 13 D: 5 Şişli / İSTANBUL. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP NEO AESTHETIC LASER AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY CLINIC. What Information is Collected?

When you visit any website, certain information about your visit may be collected. ASSOC. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP may collect the following information about your visit automatically; • The name of the domain you use to access the Internet, • • The date and time you visited the site, • The pages you view on our site and their tracking, • Keywords that you log into our website using search engines, • Your location to which you visited.

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-You can find any web site in the web site except DR. Seeing the BURHAN ÖZALP logo does not mean that these security and privacy rules apply to that site.

  • The sole purpose of linking to various web pages from the Site is to provide information to the User completely. ASSOC. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP does not provide links or redirects for any commercial purpose on the Site. Associate the contents of referring websites. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP does not audit, guarantee and accept no responsibility.
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  • ASSOC. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP is entitled to update, change, delete and edit the Information on the Site. During this process, any errors, omissions or changes that may occur due to the User or third parties have no responsibility.
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  • In terms of the information published on the portal or websites accessed through the links on the Site or on the Site, DOÇ. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP has no commitment to the User. All decisions and responsibilities regarding such information belong to the User. As a result of the user’s use of the content of the Site for purposes other than its purpose, taking decisions based on this content or conducting a behavior or using the information obtained from the Site, DOÇ. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP. Any damages caused by or claimed to be caused by the User due to the Site. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP is not responsible in any way.
  • All information on the Site contains general information intended to protect, promote health and raise public awareness. It is not a recommendation of the user’s particular case.
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  • The User may not use the Site, the Site infrastructure, the Content, the User data of the Site, to monitor, copy or otherwise intervene.
  • User, ASS. DR. Prof. Dr. BURHAN ÖZALP without permission. DR. Any name, title, brand, logo, image, document, database, method, and technical information of BURHAN ÖZALP may not be used without limitation to any of the information contained in the Site (called “Content hepsi for all). ASSOC. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP has the moral rights arising from the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the rights of processing, reproduction, dissemination, representation and publication (financial) and all other rights arising from the legislation. User’s ASS. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP without the permission of all the use, without the condition of damages DOÇ. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP’s rights and work shall constitute a violation of these Terms of Use.

-User, ASS. DR. In case BURHAN ÖZALP violates the copyrights or uses the Site in violation of these Terms of Use; ASSOC. DR. BURHAN ÖZALP and third persons including loss of profit and all negative and positive damages.

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  • Complaints, suggestions, information requests about the site mail address can be forwarded. You can get support from our customer service by calling +90532 157 05 77.

– Professional ethics of the physicians and the legislation to which you are connected, address is available.

  • Sites or in case of a dispute regarding the Site, these laws will be implemented and the dispute with the Republic of Turkey in Istanbul dispute the court will look at the European and executive offices.

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