Çene Ortognatik Cerrahi Ameliyatı ve Estetiği - Doç. Dr. Burhan Özalp - İstanbul ve Diyarbakır Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Uzmanı


The harmony between the lower – upper chin and teeth is quite important in terms of aesthetic appearance as well as in terms of chewing and speaking. In the development process, the lower chin may become excessively prominent or may remain too much behind the upper chin. In some cases, one-half of the upper and lower jaws each are touching each other, while remaining parts may be contactless. In some cases, there may be complete settlement failure or closing defects are present between the teeth. Orthognathic surgery is the name given to operations to correct all of the above-mentioned conditions.


Plastic surgery works together with the orthodontics department in the adjustment disorders between the upper and lower jaws and teeth. There are some proportions and angles that should normally be between the facial skeleton and skull bones. As a result of the cephalometric analysis, the interventions required by the patient are determined and the patient is prepared for surgery by orthodontics specialists. The operation, the plan of which is prepared by orthodontics specialists, is performed by plastic surgery specialists. The aim is to align the jaws of the patient with each other, so that the teeth will overlap and full closure of the jaws will be maintained, and to render the chin tip well-matched with the facial skeletal structure.

Orthognathic surgery also provides a solution to the shortness of the lower jaw due to some congenital anomalies or traumas. The jaw shortness can be both unilateral and bilateral. In such cases, jaw lengthening operations are performed. Special apparatus is placed in the jawbone through an incision to be made, and the jaw joint is extended day by day. It is not only an aesthetic operation but also a functional operation.

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