Nose Filler

As medical aesthetics applications are more common and non-surgical procedures are demanded much more, nose filler is increasingly requested. The most common reason for nasal filler application is eliminating the dropped nasal tip or correcting dorsal hump.

Is nose filler permanent?

Nose fillers contain hyaluronic acid i.e. collagen and are absorbed by time. They do not provide permanent results like rhinoplasty. Those having nose fillers previously get bored of repeated filling applications and decide to have a rhinoplasty. Fillers repeated frequently may deform the skin quality, therefore I do not recommend the fillers.

Nose Tip Aesthetics
In some people who are considering aesthetic nose surgery, the nasal bone structure and the back of the nose are ideal, the tip of the nose may be wide, low or longer than normal. Some people do not want any changes in the nasal bones, but can only request corrections to the nasal tip.

Thick Skin Nose Aesthetics
Anatomically, the tip of the nasal skin is thicker than the nasal skin and contains a greater number of sweat and sebaceous glands. Thick or thin skin of the nose, the distribution and frequency of sebaceous glands can directly affect the outcome of surgery.

Nose Filling
The widespread use of medical aesthetics and the increasing desire of people for non-surgical procedures have increased the demand for nasal filling. The most common cause of nasal filling is the removal of low nasal tip or correction of the slightly arched nasal ridge.