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The formations known as nevus or the I, among the people, are usually lesions that may be colorless as well as shades of brown or black. They may be at the same level as the skin or raised from the skin.

It is commonly known as flesh, and it is often seen as a colorless, fluffy nevi. Some of the moles are the precursors of skin cancer and their removal by self abortion is important for health.

The precursors of such a condition can be mentioned recently, such as growth, discoloration, bleeding and open wound formation. On the other hand, it should be taken in case of abnormally localized conditions such as eyelids, continuous irritation exposure, as in the area of the scalp or underwear.

Apart from these, the person may request that these be taken because they are not completely aesthetic. Almost all of the moles can be surgically removed under local anesthesia. After I’ve had surgery, moles heal usually leaving a vague mark. If necessary, it will be useful to send it to pathology.

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