Neck Lift

The effects of aging are manifested in the neck region; skin quality deterioration, sagging of the skin down, the formation of deep and excessive wrinkles and skin connective tissue (collagen) may show as a decrease in volume. Also over time, right and left neck, starting from the bottom of the chin and extending downward muscle (platismal bands) emerge. In some people, the excess and widespread adipose tissue accumulated in the tickle areas is annoying enough to require surgical intervention.

What is Neck Lifting and How is it Performed?

Neck lifting surgeries are usually combined with face lifting surgeries. With the incision made for face lifting, the neck skin is also released and the upper skin is pulled upwards with the appropriate opening. Stretching of tissues under the skin is an indispensable element of a good result. In the neck stretching operation, the incision made under the chin is cut and the bands on the sides of the neck midline are cut and sewed together and an aesthetic contour can be obtained.The removal of excess oil in the tickle zone provides a more aesthetic and youthful appearance. In the comments of the patients who have undergone neck lifting surgery, we hear that they are very happy to get the excess fat especially towards the chin and neck area.


After Neck Lifting Surgery?

You will be hospitalized one night after surgery. Bands or corsets worn after neck lifting are worn for an average of 2 weeks to keep swelling and edema to a minimum.

Is there any scar after neck lifting?

In neck lifting operations performed with face lifting surgery, it is possible to recover the sagging skin and soft tissue with the same incision. As an exception, an additional horizontal incision is made under the chin only in surgeries that require correction of the tick and neck bands.

How Much is the Neck Lift Surgery?

There is a certain price range for each surgery. There are different factors that determine the fee in neck lifting surgery. You will be informed about the cost of the surgery if you send photos of the front and side.

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