Nasal Tip Plasty

While the persons who would like to have rhinoplasty have an ideal nasal structure or dorsal hump, the nasal tip may be wide, low or longer than normal. Some people do not want any change in the nasal bones, they may demand corrections related to the nasal tip. In that case, nasal tip plasty is the best method.

The Most Common Procedures for Nasal Tip

In the patients having a wide and long nasal tip, a reduction procedure can be applied. In patients having thick nasal tip skin, while nasal tip reduction is performed, excess reduction procedure should be avoided to prevent skin looseness.
The dropped nasal tip can be corrected with nasal tip plasty. For nasal tip lift, it is sufficient to cut the lower part of the nasal septum known as inner nasal cartilage and to lift the nasal tip with sutures.
In patients having a wide nasal tip, it is possible to obtain a thinner shape by narrowing nares and shaping nasal tip cartilages.

Nasal Tip Plasty

When my nasal tip is lifted, does it look like a pig nose?

The lift level of your nasal tip can be adjusted by your physician. The result of every nasal tip lift does not look bad, as the nasal tip must not be lifted so much. It should be noted that the nose is swollen after the operation will look more lifted than the first time. With the decrease in the edema at the nasal tip by weeks and months, the nasal tip will have intended lifting.

Is it possible to apply just a nasal tip lift for each patient wanting this procedure?

The aim of rhinoplasty is to obtain a look suitable for the whole nose between the nasal tip and root. It may be insufficient to apply just nasal tip plasty without intervening in the dorsal hump. Therefore, you should not be very demanding while discussing with your physician. Your physician may consider and warn yours for some points which you cannot consider due to previous experiences. It is possible to increase the satisfaction rate with the agreement between the physician and patient.

Some Information about the Procedure

Nasal tip plasty takes shorter than other nasal procedures and the recovery period is also shorter. As the nasal bones are not intervened, post-operative edema and bruises will be less. In most of the patients, silicone nasal packing placed after the operation is not applied, so that it is not necessary to remove the packing.

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