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OVERgrowth of male Breast, ıts Treatment and OPERATION


Male breast growth (gynecomastia) is simply expressed as the overdevelopment of the male breast. This situation does not always mean a health problem but the physiological gynecomastia can be seen in the newborn period, in the adolescence period and old age as a result of the effects of hormones. Gynecomastia which is generally seen temporarily in the newborn and adolescence period is more permanent in other age groups.

The biggest problem in men with overgrown breasts is that their breasts are visible when wearing a t-shirt or a shirt, especially during summer. Abstaining from swimming and similar social phobias reduce one’s self-confidence.

In cases of breast growth in men, patients generally notice this condition without any complaints but in some cases, there is also a tenderness and pain in the nipple.

Gynecomastia cannot be attributed to a specific cause and is classified as idiopathic. However, conditions such as testicular, pulmonary, pituitary and adrenal gland tumours, liver diseases (cirrhosis), the use of drugs can lead to gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia which lasts for a long time generally does not regress spontaneously and should be intervened.

who are the candıdates FOR the operatıon?

Adolescents with gynecomastia for 2 years, people with impaired social relationships due to large breasts, people with complaints such as pain and tenderness are candidates for the operation.


The operation is performed under local or general anaesthesia according to the patient’s condition. The increase in breast tissue may be caused by an excess of fat or breast glands. An increase in the amount of breast gland (glandular) or fat tissue (lipomatous) can be investigated by ultrasonography to be taken before the operation. In glandular type gynecomastia, the open surgical method is known to be more effective but the liposuction method is also quite effective. If there is not too much skin sagging, similar to the liposuction operation, cannulae are used to remove excess tissue (which includes fat tissue and breast glands) and the breast is reduced.

In the case of excess skin, breast tissue and skin excess are removed surgically by various techniques. In surgical procedures, scars remain around the nipple, and sometimes down the nipple or towards the side but this scar becomes vague over time.

In cases where it is necessary, a negative pressure material called hemovac drain may be required to drain tissue fluid and blood that will accumulate inside.

It is necessary to stay in the hospital for one day when general anaesthesia is received.

In the operation, conditions such as hematoma and seroma and at a lower rate, bleeding, infection, bad scar formation can be seen.


After the operation, very severe pain is usually not present. However, weeks of stinging, burning, mild pain, the feeling of oedema and numbness recede over time.

After the operation, the use of a corset to apply compression to the chest area is necessary and it is usually used for the whole day in the first weeks and later, day or night usage will be sufficient. The average corset usage duration is about 6 weeks and during this period, heavy exercises should be avoided.

Swimming is allowed after 2 weeks provided that tiredness is avoided.

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