A fat removal procedure with thin metal bars is called liposuction. Holes at the end of the metal bars are connected to the device producing negative pressure and called an aspirator. Just like a high-suction vacuum cleaner aspirating the dust, a strong aspirator absorbs the destroyed fat with the back and forth movement and removes the fat from the body.

In liposuction techniques, while fat absorption procedure through aspirator is the standard method, fat destruction procedure is variable. There are medical devices that destroy the fat ultrasonically, through laser or with vibration, and the procedure carried out through such devices is called power-assisted liposuction operation.

What is Lipomatic Device and Why is it Used?

Lipomatic device is used to destroy the fat through vibration and infrasonic sound waves designed for power-assisted liposuction operation. Fat removal cannulas destroy the fat tissue fast-moving back- forth and right-left. As lipomatic does not produce heat, tissue destruction is much less when compared to heat generated devices. This provides a great advantage for long-term tissue recovery.

Advantages of Fat Removal with Lipomatic

Lipomatic decreases operation duration.

It increases movement area and operative methods of the surgeon.

It provides fat removal in the solid areas where other fat removal procedures are insufficient such as back and gynecomastia or provide intended fat removal for previous fat removal procedures.

It makes a contribution to long-term skin recovery due to vibration and infrasonic sound waves.

Bruising is much less compared to the classical method and the recovery period is shorter.

Price of Fat Removal with Lipomatic

Price is based on the number of areas to be operated. In addition, pricing may differ based on the weight and body condition of the patient.

Note: For more information about fat removal with lipomatic, you can see our liposuction article.

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