As technology advances, aesthetic application methods continue to improve. Recently, liposuction differences and techniques with lipomatics have come to the forefront in this sense, and these methods offer good results for the emergence of the imagined body.


Liposuction has different types such as laser, classic, vazer. The classic liposuction method is a cut and knife aesthetic operation technique. It is performed under anesthesia and is the fat removal process applied with a knife. Various side effects such as edema, pain and bruising may occur after the operation. In laser liposuction method, fat removal is performed with laser instruments from the area.

The laser method yields results in a much shorter time and the healing process is shorter than the other. After the extraction of the fats is completed, the skin is heated with a laser and the tightening process is completed and the shape of the body is made more pronounced. In the Vazer method, fats in the body are removed thanks to sound waves. Using cannulas, it is ensured that the fat is removed from the body. In this way, excess fat in the body is removed while tightening the body skin.

Liposuction Differences with Liposuction


The lipomatic method is the latest technique developed for fat removal. It has a more advantageous structure than other applications. In this method, the patient does not need to be completely under anesthesia, this procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. By lipomatic method, general examination is carried out during the fat removal process and it is calculated which areas to remove fat from during this examination. At the same time, one of the local or general anesthesia options is selected in this process. Lipomatic devices have an extremely sensitive structure and do not harm the body. Thanks to this state-of-the-art application, up to three kilos of fat can be gained in one session.

What Are the Differences Between Liposuction and Lipomatic?

The differences between liposuction and lipomatics are one of the issues that people are curious about in this context. Liposuction is an older method than lipomattics, side effects are numerous and the healing process is longer than lipomattics. In addition, less fat is taken in liposuction method. In this respect, lipomatics, which is one of the last aesthetic applications, is considered a much more advantageous method accordingly.


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