Lip lift operation is carried out to make the distance between the nose and lip shorter, and to make the upper lip look plumber by turning the upper lip out and up. The most ideal patients for lip lift operation are the ones having a lip look long and thin. In addition, for patients having an upper lip turning inward, lip lift operation is carried to provide a plumb look.

How is Lip Lift Operation carried out

Lip lift operations can be carried out under local anesthesia easily by anesthetizing just the upper lip. The operation takes half an hour on average and the patient does not need to be hospitalized. As absorbable sutures are used, there is no need to remove the sutures.

There are various techniques defined for lip lift operation.  The most common one is Bullhorn type. An incision is planned through the bottom of the middle of the nose and under the nares, and a parallel incision is made, and the skin between these two incisions is removed. The shape of these incisions looks like bull horns and the operation is called accordingly. If necessary, the muscle is tightened.  Lifting up and out procedure is completed by suturing the skin.

Is any Scar left after Lip Lift Operation?

Any incision made on the human body leaves a light or significant scar. Thanks to cosmetic sutures planned at the folds of the body by the plastic surgeons, it is possible to make the scar less visible as possible. After the sutures get joint, scar decreasing creams are applied. If the patient avoids the sun and uses scar decreasing the creams regularly, the scars get invisible as possible.

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