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KELOıD ScAR tıssue OPERATION and TrEatment

Keloid and hypertrophic scarring emerge due to the excessive inflammation (inflammation) response that occurs during wound healing. The process of wound healing, which should normally limit itself, is excessively formed. At the end of this, abnormally visible scar tissue, which can cause cosmetic complications, forms. This tissue, especially if it forms in the open parts of the body, leads to problems in social life. It causes the person to be repetitively exposed to annoying questions. Keloid treatment may be inevitable. Areas such as the shoulder, chest, and back in the human body are areas that are prone to keloid formation. In some cases, the formation of keloid may be following a surgical operation, and sometimes even after simple traumas such as acne. Due to its resistance to treatment, keloid is often a very troublesome condition for both patients and plastic surgeons.

KELOıD TrEatment

Currently available keloid treatment options include steroid injection into the keloid tissue, compressive agents such as silicone sheets or use of compression garments, scar reducing cream but in some cases they are inadequate. In this case, radiotherapy may be very effective after surgical excision.

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  • Merhaba,

    I have multiple Keloid scar due to the operations, and I would like to make an consultation with the doctor to discuss the treatment solutions. Could you please make an appointment for me next week during afternoon? For contact, this is my WhatsApp number +310633369515.

  • I have a keloid on my right ear of my cartilage.. I was wondering the price of removing it… and if you take insurance (in Turkish I think it is polisi)

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