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The answer to the question bilinen Which plastic surgeon is the most well-known, trusted and doing well in Diyarbakır? Dr. Burhan Özalp is for me. All the arrows directed me to my teacher Burhan each time. Good thing he did, because I’m so happy with my nose. He definitely calculates the nose that suits the person’s face and makes characteristic noses. ”
Um I was complaining about the small size of my breasts, 1 year ago Assoc. Dr. I have been treated with Mr. Burhan.
“I saw the operas of Mr. Burhan on Instagram and I had it done, although it is 6 months, there are visible differences thanks ”
“I’m very happy with the Burhan teacher I went for breast enlargement in men.
Heval K.Attorney
Jale H. -Marketing Manager
Şermin D.IT Manager
Mehmet D.Real estate agent


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