Ek Kemik Kırıkları Ameliyatı ve Tedavisi - Doç. Dr. Burhan Özalp - İstanbul ve Diyarbakır Plastik ve Estetik Cerrahi


If we look at the bone structures in the perfect anatomy of the hand, there are 2 rows of wrist bones just next to the wrist, the metacarpal bones in the form of 5 metacarpals and the finger bones, 2 in thumb and 3 in each of the other fingers. With a rough calculation, we have 27 bones in one hand. Our hands that we use in every area of ​​our lives are open to accidents. Hand bone fractures occur in situations such as industrial accidents, traffic accidents, strikes, occupational accidents, i.e. boxer fractures, slamming in the door in children.

Hand bone fractures are repaired either closely by encasing it in plaster following the replacement of the fracture in its place or as applied more often, by bone fixation through wire or plate-screw. The ideal duration of bone recovery is between 3-6 weeks depending on age and condition of fracture and the hand is encased in plaster.

In fractures, where recovery is detected in the follow-up imaging, the wire is removed and the physiotherapy process is started.

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