Hair is an integral part of beauty. Only the color or cut of the hair is directly related to the beauty of the human being, but the difference between being hairless and hairless will be understood.

 Although many theories about hair loss have been proposed and many factors have been found, the most important factor in male pattern baldness is the hormonal sensitivity of the hair follicles. planted on the scalp in the field. The operation is performed by calculating the number of hair follicles needed by the person depending on the hair loss and the density of the remaining hair. In hair transplantation applications, between 1000 and 4000 roots are usually performed in 1 session and 2 or 3 sessions can be repeated if necessary.

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. Side effects of local anesthesia may include adverse events related to drug allergy. In such cases, it would be appropriate to perform the procedure in hospital conditions in order to make the necessary intervention.

The operation time varies according to the number of roots to be sown, but varies between 4-7 hours. The scalp, which is closed with a dressing after surgery, opens after 1-3 days. Shed hair is shed first and after 3-4 months the hair starts to grow permanently. Hair loss is normal at first and there is nothing to worry about.

In hair transplantation application with FUE technique, the required number of hair follicles are taken with micromotors and placed with channels to be opened in the area to be transplanted. Before the procedure, the patient’s hair is shortened to number 1 and local anesthesia is given to the area where the graft will be taken. While the hair transplantation team continues to take root, the roots are divided into groups and made ready for transplantation. One graft has an average of 1-3 strands.

After root extraction and sequencing, the channels to open the hair are opened by giving local anesthesia to the area to be sown. In this process, the direction and order of the channels are very important in terms of obtaining a natural hair appearance and significantly affect the success of the process. The advantage of the FUE method is that it does not leave scars on the scalp and minimizes the feeling of surgical intervention. Thanks to the spread of the hair over a large area, there is no dilution in the parts taken.

Care must be taken not to injure the roots during the removal of hair grafts. This is very important for the retention of hair roots planted and should be done by experts. In order to obtain a natural hair line, the hair line must be determined with the hair to be planted in a certain order. Sowing the hair after a period of pour out again. This period is approximately 3 months. In the following process, growth continues at normal hair speed.

Since the procedure will be performed with local anesthesia, the patient can go home after the procedure. The dressing is not opened during the first 48 hours and the hair washing process is carried out by the hair transplantation team with special solutions. Swelling and bruises may be seen on the forehead and eyebrows after sowing, but they are temporary. The next day the patient can go to work with a hat that will not press. Pain is not very severe and can be minimized with painkiller tablets.

*** There is no visible scar on the areas where hair is taken.

*** When there is a sufficient number of grafts to be taken in the nape region, hair transplantation can be achieved with the desired frequency.

*** Eyebrow, mustache and beard planting can be done if desired.

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