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The aesthetics understanding of our time brought women’s search for genital beauty as well. Beyond just looking good, this request may arise to deal with sexual dysfunction and psychiatric problems that emerge in some cases, such as vaginal laxity after childbirth. Vaginal laxity can sometimes manifest itself as an expression of dissatisfaction by the opposite sex. And sometimes, congenital anomalies such as vaginal agenesis (can be partial development or total lack of vagina), asymmetry or excess sagging in labia majora or minora (lip-shaped structures around the vagina) are identified in the early periods of life or in the adolescence period and help is sought from plastic surgery. Please find below brief information on procedures in female genital area aesthetic implementations.


Around the opening of the vagina, there are lip-shaped structures with smaller inside and larger outside and they are called labia minora and labia majora, respectively. In the field of genital area aesthetics, surgical procedures related to these structures are called labiaplasty. These lip structures can sometimes be congenitally asymmetrical. One of the lips may be larger or sagging than the other or all of the lips may have sagging due to excess skin. Large and small lips may cover clitoris due to excess skin and cause pain during sexual intercourse and difficulty of sexual intercourse.

An extreme largeness of the labia may not only cause an unpleasant image aesthetically but the fact that it can easily be seen through swimwear or bikini while swimming is also an important factor of discomfort for women. In addition, the protection of the genital area hygiene is difficult in the presence of extremely large lips and can lead to various infections.

Mass reduction can be performed in the labia through surgery. Labiaplasty operations are mostly performed on the inner lips, which we call labia minora but external lips can also be operated.

Under local or general anaesthesia, the inner lips are reduced through the removal of the excess tissue by the appropriate surgical technique. The operation is not related to hymen and it does not have the feature to prevent pregnancy or urinary functions. The average operation duration is 1-1.5 hours. Since dissolvable stitches are used, removal of stitches is not required. Recovery is completed in 10 days on average. A very serious side effect or complication is not expected following the operation.

On the other hand, some women come with the desire to have larger lips. In this case, the procedure will be to add volume by fat injection.

Vaginal Aesthetics (Vaginoplasty)

Although the size of the vagina varies according to the anatomy of the person, it has to be firm enough to wrap the penis during sexual intercourse. On average, the vagina is 7-9 cm long and 3,5 cm wide, getting narrower at the back. The vaginal aesthetics, one of the genital area aesthetic implementations, is performed to tighten the vagina.

In some cases, the vagina may structurally be wider than normal, although it is more common in women who have given birth. Or, with the advancing age, relaxation and stretching of the vagina are inevitable. In the case of vaginal relaxation, dissatisfaction in sexual intercourse may occur for the person and her partner. The result is usually sexual and psychological problems. Vagina has latitudinal and longitudinal folds which expand during sexual intercourse. The procedure is to narrow the vagina by taking the mucosa and muscular tissue with a longitudinal incision through the back wall of the vagina.

The operation as a genital area aesthetic implementation is performed under general anaesthesia. The average duration is 1,5 hours. In this process, there will again be no need to remove stitches, as dissolvable stitches are used. The use of antibiotics and painkillers to be given after the operation is very important to prevent infections that may develop. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for an average of 4-6 weeks.

Pubic Liposuction

The area we call Mons pubis is the triangular area, which starts immediately from the upper part of the large lips and lies between two groin areas. Some women may experience regional fat accumulation in this area. In the presence of excess fat, an aesthetically unpleasant image may be formed and through the implementation of genital area aesthetics, a more aesthetic appearance can be obtained as a result of the removal of the excess fat here by liposuction.

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