Alın Germe ve Kaş Kaldırma Ameliyatı ve Tedavisi - Doç. Dr. Burhan Özalp - İstanbul ve Diyarbakır Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Uzmanı


Due to the contraction of the muscles in the forehead area, transversal lines form on the forehead and vertical wrinkles and deflations occur between the eyebrows in time. The forehead region, as described in the facelift section, also begins to loose and sag, not being able to resist the effect of time. Sagging causes a downward falling on the outside of the eyebrow, causing the eyes not to be completely open and the person to look tired and old. This can be seen earlier in people, who use their muscles more strongly to express their feelings more intensely. Forehead and Eyebrow Lift operations, above all, make a rejuvenating impact (or rather giving a youthful appearance).
When eyebrow lift procedures are combined with forehead lift and eye contour aesthetics, more successful results can be achieved, however, a significant improvement can also be achieved with only the forehead lift operation or eyebrow lift operation.
Forehead lift operation is mostly requested by middle-aged and older people. The person’s desire is the elimination of the old image and having a more vivid look. In eyebrow lift, a wide variety of non-surgical techniques are also utilized. A careful examination and proper evaluation of the patient’s expectations is required for finding the most appropriate one for the patient.
Recently, the thread lift method has become quite popular. Although its long-term results are less successful than conventional surgical techniques, it is preferred for its practicality and as an alternative for patients, who fear from surgery. Quite successful results are also achieved with endoscopic eyebrow lift which is less invasive than classical surgical methods.


It takes approximately 2 hours under general anaesthesia. In the classical method, the surgeon moves downwards from the incision made behind the forehead line, the excess skin is removed and the forehead stretching is implemented. The operation scar is usually not a problem as it will remain in the scalp but there may be a temporary loss of sensation in the operation area.

In the endoscopic forehead lift, fewer incisions are made compared to the normal surgical procedures and therefore fewer scars remain. However, its use is limited and fails to satisfy In cases requiring advanced correction.

Temporary bruises may occur following the operation. Applying ice will be useful in this respect.

As mentioned above, when forehead and eyebrow lift operations are combined with eyelid aesthetics, their effectiveness increases considerably.


Generally, these are operations which go smoothly and no significant problem is expected except for classical operation complications. Possible complications may include bleeding, infection, irregularities in the skin lines, poor scars, and asymmetry.


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