What is Fat Injection ?

In cases such as excessive thinness of the lips, excessive deepening of the groove between the eyebrows or the cheeks, the appearance of collapse due to atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue as a result of trauma or surgical procedures, injecting filler into these areas(dolgu – fat injection) a beautiful appearance is tried to get. In the last few years, a lot of popularity of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery with filling – oil injection has gained more popularity and gives more effective results. Due to its relatively practical method & nbsp; more and more people are requesting filler injections to flourish.

Some people’s cheek area or around the eyeball may be poor in adipose tissue, depending entirely on the anatomical characteristics of the person, regardless of any pathological cause. This usually disturbs the person and is aesthetically unpleasant.

Oil Injection

In cases similar to those described above, the person may be used to remedy this deficiency.adipose tissue or commercially available fillers. Adipose tissue from the person is usually stem cellsis obtained from the circumference of the rich belly. Fats can undergo a number of special processes to increase stem cell density. After such a process, the melting rate in the given oil is lower.

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide (sugar) component found in living organisms. It is found in the dermis layer of human skin, giving the skin a beautiful appearance and fullness, but with aging density decreases. Besides, it has many tasks such as assisting cell proliferation without providing joint surface slippage. Hyaluronic acids used for aesthetic purposes should be preferred among products produced biosynthetically. Allergic reactions that may occur in products obtained from animals are quite high compared to biosynthetic products. Since it has a water-retaining property, it is very successful in obtaining voluminous lips.

Fat Injection Recovery Process

Fat injection is very simple and can return to work immediately. It is applied under local anesthesia or without anesthesia. Average hyaluronic acid injection6-12 months until it retains its effectiveness, then it must be done again. After the injection of autologous fat, some fat remains unmelted, and in subsequent applications, decreasing amounts of fat are given.

Can permanent filling be done?

Filler – used in oil injection applicationssilicon, goreteks may have permanent properties, but its use is very limited due to the high allergic risk and irreversible effect.

Where are the operations performed?

Our operations are performed in contracted hospitals in Istanbul and Diyarbakır.

Oil Injection Prices 2019

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