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Bad periods in human life may cause people to harm themselves. Fluctuations in work, family, and private relationships, leading to heavy depression, may cause people to hurt themselves with razors and similar sharp objects. Although the person does not care about it initially, it can come to a point in his/her later social life where it has become increasingly annoying. Unfortunately, the face scar – razor scar is not very welcomed in the society. While people are finding jobs, getting closer to the opposite sex, or simply wandering around in summer in a short-sleeved T-shirt, they are condemned for being alone and pushed into loneliness. A troubled period in a person’s life causes various kinds of difficulties throughout his/her entire life. Contrary to what is known, this is a commonly encountered situation not only in our society but also in western nations. A mistake in youth and early adulthood may well be the cause of psychological trauma for a person who reaches a reputable stage later in his/her life. I would like to say that we encounter this problem in every layer of society.

One should know about the deletion/removal of face scar – razor scar that no method including laser can completely remove these scars. The intention here is making the face scar – razor scar similar to an operation scar or in cases where this is not possible, the camouflage of the scar, removing it by dermabrasion or skin transplants.

Scars on small areas can be removed with repeated series of surgical excisions. In case of non-deep razor blade scars, they usually form a relatively small proportion, and laser or dermabrasion can help reduce the scar. For larger areas, tissue expanders or skin transplants to be placed under the neighbouring skin are the most prevalent methods recently.

With the conversion of the razor scar into a surgical scar by utilization of the above-mentioned methods, it is not difficult for the person to have an unbelievable level of comfort and self-confidence within the society.


Visible scars may remain on the human skin following situations such as surgery, injuries by knives or other sharp objects, injuries, unsuccessful stitches, traffic accidents. In the treatment of this condition, surgical removal of the skin with a bad scar and then applying aesthetic stitching can be beneficial. Although the operation is not beneficial for everyone, it is possible to significantly reduce the scar by providing supportive ointments after appropriate patient selection.

In some cases, a certain improvement in the scar tissue can be obtained by applying a medical treatment instead of a surgical intervention. It is effective to use the laser for non-deep scars. If there is a sign in your body which is annoying for you, it will be the first and most effective step you can take to come to the examination and share this problem with us.

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