Düşük Ayak Deformitesi (Drop Foot) Ameliyatı ve Tedavisi - Doç. Dr. Burhan Özalp - İstanbul ve Diyarbakır Plastik ve Estetik Cerrahi


A trauma to the ankle and toe (dorsi flexion) or peroneal nerve injuries that cause the innervation of these muscles can result in low foot deformity (traumatic foot trauma). A person cannot lift his ankle and toes and can turn his foot to the outside. This condition may be temporary or permanent due to the damage caused by the trauma.
Low Foot Deformity Treatment and Surgery
In the treatment of patients, the tendon of the working muscle (Posterior Tibial Tendon) behind the leg is separated from the adhesion site and transferred to the non-functioning muscle tendons. In this way, the low foot deformity is corrected and the lost foot lift function is corrected. In cases with advanced deformity, it may be necessary to extend the shortness of achilles tendon that occurs over time with tendoplasty.

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