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cubıTAL TunNEL SyNDROMe Treatment and OPERATION

Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs as a result of the compression of the ulnar nerve in the cubital tunnel in the elbow region. It manifests itself with numbness and tingling in the little and ring fingers of the hand. Complaints are more in the morning, as the patient sleeps bending his/her elbow at night. With an operation, the ulnar nerve is found in the elbow the region is released and is moved to an area, where it will be less affected by the elbow movement.

Ulnar nerve is one of the 3 main last branches of the brachial plexus. It runs through the inner side of the arm and forearm towards the wrist. Its task is to run some muscles and provide the sensation of the little and ring fingers and inner part of the hand. During this journey, it gives the symptoms mentioned above, usually due to compression at the elbow level. In the early period, the process is tried to be reversed with elbow splints but usually, the operation necessity arises.

In cubital tunnel syndrome operation, the nerve is found and moved into a new position through an incision to be made in the elbow region. The protection of the nerve’s branches to the muscles is the most important and critical point of cubital tunnel syndrome operation.

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