Genu Valgum Correction Surgery

The legs bending outwards causes cosmetic deformity called genu valgum. While reasons for genu valgum include vitamin deficiency, wrong swaddling, various bone diseases, most patients do not have such reasons, and this condition arises due to the genetic structure of the person.

Genu Valgum Treatment

The cases having severe bone bending are treated by the orthopedist by correcting the angle of the legs. Operations carried out by the plastic surgeons are the cases where bending is less. The biggest problem of the patients intending to have a leg operation is the severe separated look of the inner legs. The persons with bending legs feel disturbed when they wear shorts, skirts or skinny jeans. This condition which is more problematic under the knee is corrected by applying fat tissue of the patient or ready-to-use silicone implants.

Silicone Genu Valgum Treatment

Silicones called calf implant and produced to provide under knee leg volume are used in the genu valgum treatment. They are produced in different sizes and shapes and are selected by the patient and physician depending on the volume increase and shape. This method is not suitable for the area above the knee (inner thigh).

An incision is made on the inner part of the back of the knee according to the size of the silicone, and the silicone is placed into this area. It is essential to make an area with a suitable size to prevent the dislocation of the silicone. The operation takes 1 hour on average and is carried out under spinal or general anesthesia.

Genu Valgum Treatment with Fat Filling

Fat is collected from the areas where fat tissue is present in the body. The most common areas where the fat tissue is collected are the abdomen and sides of the abdomen. The fat tissue collected with a special system is distilled and injected into the inner leg where plumpness is intended. It is possible to provide volume to above the knee with fat filling. The operation takes three hours on average and is carried out under general anesthesia.

When necessary, calf implants and fat filling are applied together and a more natural and plump look is obtained.