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chın TIP aESThETıcs and OPERATIONs

The presence of certain values ​​between the chin and the upper lip and the facial skeleton is necessary for the aesthetic appearance. In some people, the chin is quite large and protruding forward. In some people, the jaw is lagging behind. The problem is solved with chin tip operation, in which chin tip minimization or placement of a chin tip implant is performed through an incision in the mouth. In some people, implants are placed on the back of the lower chin. Hence, a cornered chin appearance is obtained. This is the treatment of choice especially for those who want a masculine appearance.

The harmony of the chin tip with the upper lip and the nose is also a determinant of aesthetically beautiful appearance. Therefore,  in chin tip operations and interventions on the chin tip, it is necessary to pay attention to the harmony of especially the chin tip and the upper and lower lips. Many applications such as chin tip enlargement, chin tip prosthesis, and chin tip filling must be performed by surgeons, who are experts in their work.

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