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Carpal tunnel is the name of the tunnel right after the wrist formed by the adherence of the wrist, metacarpus and the carpal ligament, which is like the roof to these bones in the horizontal position. The median nerve passes through this tunnel together with the tendons that provide the movement of the fingers. As a result of the nerve getting stuck in the carpal tunnel for some reason, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and a portion of the ring finger occur. In this disease, which is called carpal tunnel syndrome, symptoms often include situations such as hand pain that wakes at night and disappears by shaking and difficulty in opening jars.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Operation and Treatment

In the initial phase of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is manifested by symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the hand, numbness in the thumb, the use of a wrist splint and operation in patients, who have been conservatively approached by physiotherapy and continue to have the symptoms, can be considered. In patients, who has moderate-to-severe nerve compressions and postpone their applications to a doctor despite severe complaints, carpal tunnel is required to be relieved surgically.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

EMC (electromyography) test results and physical examination findings are taken as the basis for the operation decision in carpal tunnel syndrome. In the EMG test, the response of the median nerve to the sensory and motor branches is examined. In cases, where the message is very slow, the operation is required. In some cases, although EMG is normal, symptoms such as the patient’s severe complaints, the hollowness of the palm, thumb area are seen and the operation decision is made.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Operation

It takes around 45 minutes on average. Although it can be done under general anaesthesia, the method of numbing the arm, called axillary block, is more preferable. The transverse carpal ligament is cut and the carpal tunnel is relieved through the incision made in the area, where the wrist and the palm conjoin. In the meantime, rheumatic enlargements (synovial hypertrophy) in beams (flexor tendons), bone protrusions, cystic structures are removed, if there is any. After the skin stitching, the hand is encased in a plaster splint and the operation is finalized.

After Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Operation

If the recovery is good, stitches are removed after 2 weeks and the physiotherapy process is started. Exercises with an experienced hand physiotherapist are very important for healing.

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