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BUTTOCKS-HIP augmentatıon, lıft and PUSH-UP OPERATION

Traditionally, the most obvious determinants of femininity in the female body are the breasts and hips. In some societies, from the ancient times to today, full hips have been an important partner selection criterion in the male subconscious, as they indicate fertility in females. Some people may have a weak hip area and a wide and full buttocks appearance cannot be achieved despite weight gain. Buttocks – hip lift/buttocks – hip augmentation/buttocks – hip push-up can be implemented surgically by buttocks – hip aesthetics as well as through the placement of silicone prostheses which are similar to breast prostheses utilized in breast augmentation.

Latin American countries are where the buttocks– hip aesthetic method is the most widely used. It is a known fact that most Brazilian and other Latin American country celebrities resort to this method. Autologous fat transplantation (injection of fat taken from other parts of the person) is another method used for adding volume to hips.

The most important muscle in shaping the buttocks – hip region is the gluteus maximus muscle. In fact, there are 3 gluteal (buttocks region) muscles; gluteus minimus, medius and maximus. The largest of these is the gluteus maximus and forms most of the volume. With the exercises aimed at tightening this muscle, the buttocks region is shaped and a more aesthetic appearance is obtained.


In this operation, an incision is made from the sacrum region, moving down through the incision towards outer sides, a cavity, which is suitable for the size of the prosthesis to be placed, is formed within the muscles. This procedure is symmetrically applied to both sides and as a result of the placement of the prostheses, an aesthetically perfect appearance can be obtained.


Nerve injury, dislocation of the prosthesis, prosthesis infection are the most frightening complications but the risk is minimized through a careful surgery.

Problems such as bleeding and wound site are faced in every operation and are negligible.

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