Buttock Lift Procedure

Recently, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures is BBL (Brazilian Buttock Lift). While buttock lift is applied to the women who want a plumber and round buttocks, it can also be performed to correct the look of the buttocks flattening and sagging buttocks.

Buttock Lift Techniques

To provide volume in buttock lift operations, one’s own fat, buttock implants designed for this purpose or ready-to-use fillers can be used. The most common and ideal filler and operation technique is one’s own fat.
For BBL with fat filler, the first areas to obtain fat are the abdomen, waist, and back. So, above the buttock gets thinner and a more beautiful look is obtained. In the case that the fat amount to be from these areas is insufficient, it is possible to remove fat from other parts of the body. The fat accumulated in a special device is distilled through some procedures and then is injected into and around the buttock to obtain the intended look.
In buttock lift procedures performed with buttock implant, an implant with the intended size is placed through an opening below or above of the buttock muscles with an incision made around the hip. The most eligible patients for buttock implants are those who do not have sufficient fat in the body.
Buttock lift procedure is performed by injecting the gel fillers into the buttock. Disadvantages of this procedure are the risk of an allergic reaction, risk of the irregular distribution of the filler and high costs, and it is not preferred much.
Out of these three methods, the most performed by the plastic surgeons and preferred by the patients is fat injection. In specific cases, implant and fat injection can be applied together to obtain better contours and to decrease the visibility and feel of buttock implants.

Is fat filler permanent?

A specific amount of the injected fat will be absorbed by time regardless of that it is injected into the hip or another area. The average permanent amount is around 40-60%, and the fat continues to be absorbed until the end of the third month. While absorption is more during the first month after the operation, it slows down by time. It is not possible for the whole fat to be absorbed.

Do Buttock Implants Puncture?

Implants used in BBL operations are specially designed and resistant to weight. They do not puncture due to fast sitting or any impact and can be used safely for a long time.

The Duration and After of The Operation

Buttock lift with fat injection or implant takes 2-3 hours. The operation can be used under spinal or general anesthesia. The patient is hospitalized for 1 night. It is necessary to use a special corset and not to lie back for 7-10 days.

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