Hollywood Cheek (Bichectomy)

Bichectomy is the procedure where the fat in the cheeks is removed from the mouth. The most important point to pay attention to bichectomy operation where we aim to provide a thinner and longer look by thinning the round and plump cheeks is to remove fat in a suitable amount.

Who is Eligible for Bichectomy Operation?

Bichectomy is performed both for men and women. Those having excess weight in the cheeks are the most eligible candidates for bichectomy. A limited amount of fat can be removed to provide a sexier look in those having a normal facial structure. When the thinning in the cheeks is combined with plump cheekbones and significant jawline, great results are obtained. To provide jaw contour, while one’s self fat can be used, or ready-to-use collages can be injected.

How is Bichectomy Surgery performed?

Bichectomy procedure, also known as Hollywood Cheeks, can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Buccal fat pads are reached through an incision made on the inner face of the cheeks close to upper grinders and an intended amount of fat is removed. The same steps are applied to the opposite cheek and it should be paid attention to remove fat in the same amount to obtain a symmetric result. The procedure is terminated by applying absorbable sutures to the incision.

What to pay attention to after Bichectomy Operation?

In the following a few days after the operation, the patient should eat liquid foods and take care of the mouth hygiene to prevent inflammation of the sutures. The sutures should be cleaned with antiseptic gargle and sprays 6 times a day and in addition after every meal. Absorbable sutures are generally absorbed within 2 weeks. If the sutures are not absorbable, they are removed after 10 days.