Almond Eye Surgery

The operations performed in and around the eyes are the key point of a young and attractive look. Deformation around the eyes makes one look tired, exhausted and old. While classical eyelid surgery and other combines surgeries such as brow lift are performed through at the end of the 30s, almond eye surgery is performed at a younger age to provide a more dynamic and attractive look.

Lower and upper eyelids are combined in the inner part close to the nose and outer part at the end of the eye and are attached to the bones with a special structure called canthus. The relation between the medial canthus (close to the nose root) and lateral canthus (at the outer part) determines the aesthetic appearance of the person. In an attractive and beautiful eye shape, lateral canthus is placed above compared to the medial canthus. If outer canthus is placed lower than the inner canthus, it causes the person to look tired and unhappy. The aim of almond eye surgery is to restructure this balance.

How is Almond Eye Surgery performed

Almond eye surgery is performed by placing the outer canthal structure explained in detail above to out- and upwards through an incision. It is aimed to keep the look for a long time by fixing the canthus to the bone or periosteum. So, the look gets more vibrant, the eyes look bigger by stretching the eyelids out, however, it should be avoided from having an unaesthetic look by excess stretching. 

Some Information about the Procedure

The operation is carried be used under local or general anesthesia. The operation takes one hour on average and then the patient is discharged on the same day. The patient is allowed to have a shower and to put makeup. The sutures are removed after 5-7 days.